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Author: Dr.9 Mattanaw, Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh, Retired

Interdisciplinarian with Immeasurable Intelligence. Lifetime Member of High Intelligence Community.6

Former Chief Architect, Adobe Systems

Current President/Advisor, Social Architects and Economists International.



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In my career I was fortunate enough to have most of my colleagues, customers and employers ready to provide recommendations and positive feedback regarding my performance. I’ve been meticulous over the year with my resumé, knowing it to be an important part of my ongoing autobiography and personal marketing strategy. It provides a clear and detailed summary of my experience to date, along with a description of my life as it related to work, a reason for being as long as it is, and also a method of staying fresh on my sales pitch for myself and my business. If one reads one’s own resumé, keeps it updated and accurate, one is better able to communicate one’s background and personal goals, and one also has improved artifacts regarding one’s life. Additional corroboration of the resumé is also important. For this reason I have a matching and open public resumé on my LinkedIn page, which shows the information on my resumé is the same as that which I share with the public, with the visibility of my older colleagues and associates. Additionally, recommendation letters corroborate resumé claims, and offer standalone artifacts regarding experience, which again is about career, but more importantly, how the career fits within one’s larger living autobiography.

Nowadays, since retired, this list of recommendations is less valuable as a tool for gaining customers and for confirming my resumé, and more valuable to convey to others the value of having such recommendations for creating success and also to continue one’s writing efforts about one’s own life. Earlier in my career I collected contact information for references but did not begin collecting recommendation letters until later. It would have been better to begin collecting recommendation letters earlier, perhaps. However, I did benefit from having only letters which attest to my skills later in my professional life, where there was less confusion perhaps about my abilities and potential. In a way this enables a purely positive set of artifacts regarding my work with executives and leaders, as a highly experienced and talented subject matter expert. But I think it would be more interesting, for others who are able to start gathering recommendations earlier, to have a way to compare earlier efforts with later ones, and have yet more artifacts about their life, rather than less, even if the lesser amount provides clear attention to one’s greater accomplishments.

This section should be considered an example to follow or improve upon, or otherwise emulate, if valuable given one’s particular life situation and trajectory. I think most would want to take such an offering seriously for their own work life, since building a resumé and collecting recommendations creates a desire for better work experiences, better career development, and better quality recommendations. The overall result in life is one that is enhanced by some reasonable ambition regarding one’s desire for higher quality artifacts. It may be likened to the creation of a personal journal that one feels improving as one works on it, not only because one is improving one’s life, but because the journal itself impacts how one develops. There is a joy associated with recording the growths and improvements that exist concurrently with the recording. It is a memoration of one’s own development and way of ensuring development.


Below are some professional reference letters from some colleagues and clients. These colleagues worked in very large number of diverse industries, and I was very happy to work with them on a diverse range of projects and business ventures.

This list should not be considered an exhaustive list of my satisfied customers, as there have been many. This is a sampling. There are many other industries and interesting clients with many success stories, and stories of interest to speak about.