Collections of Mattanaw’s Longhand Papers.

Author: Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

Published: February 16th 2019

Edited: Original Edition

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to my archive of papers from various notebooks and documents prepared over the years.

Since this is an archive, not everything included in scans would be of immediate interest to readers. However, the documents are replete with ideas worthy of development.

Many of these will be edited and included in my upcoming book on ethics, while others will offer context for new articles that will appear on this site.

Many of these papers include thoughts that are closer in time to the original ideas, from which later ideas were built. I intend to link my future writings back to these documents, for transparency.

My thought has developed considerably from these earlier insights, but I think it is important to be willing to discuss not only the rationale for ideas, but their genesis. An idea’s origin is important for analysis. An analysis of the origin of an idea can reveal flaws as to the reasoning, and assumptions unjustified, that might be masked by the writing itself, through sophisticated rationalizations. While I strive to avoid this, I do not know to what extent my views are influenced by biases.

Origins of arguments are important enough, that some will strive to completely cover them up.

If I were indoctrinated as a child to have a specific orientation, then I think that would be important to convey.

I wish to achieve a very great level of transparency in my corpus, and to achieve this I will include potentially embarassing details as they arise. Full disclosure, like with Rousseau’s Confessions, but extended more fully into the intellectual domain as well.

There is no division in my mind, between my life, and my intellectual productions. There’s no pretense of complete objectivity here.

Below please find a list of documents to be included. Some are ready for download, some are in preparation.

  1. Light Blue Notebook. Nature and Design, First Part. January/Feburary 2021. [PDF].
  2. Rational Times. Circa 2003-2005. [PDF].
  3. Dark Greek Notebook. Circa 2015. “Imagination and Filtration”. Early notes going into my work on attention. [PDF]. [Scans in HTML].
  4. Personal Forms. Circa 2003-2009. [PDF] This is a highly personal and private document, shared for transparency. It is large, at ~410 MBs, so might take a bit to download and view. I will explain this document in an article in the near future, and more completely in my upcoming work on ethics. There is far more than meets the eye going on with this journal, and much has been learned through years of its evolution and use.
  5. Sand Notebook. March 27th, 2004, through May 13th 2006.
  6. Olive Notebook. Circa 2005.
  7. Beige Notebook. Circa 2005.
  8. Black Notebook One. Circa 2008.
  9. Black Notebook Two. Circa 2008-2014.

This is the complete or nearly complete list of paper related archives. For creative reasons, I’m returning to writing in notebooks. However, mostly everything goes straight into digital form these days. These scans are now complete here as of June 22nd 2022.