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Author: Mattanaw, Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

Former Chief Architect, Adobe Systems

Current President/Advisor, Social Architects and Economists International.



For a long time I’ve been interested in camping, camping gear, and living off grid with minimal resources. However, historically, I’ve had more gear than I’ve had experience actually using it. I am an experienced camper in that I know precisely what to do, and have camped many times in the past, but what I’ve done much less of is use my equipment well, over many days, in backcountry. This is what I’m wanting to do more of an here I’m sharing my experiences getting more masterful as a backpacker in remote territories.

Camping relates to many other interests I have, like:

Here I will blend some of what I learn about becoming really comfortable the backcountry with how it relates to these verious other topics.

Finding appropriate locations to camp where there is no risk of being hassled

An issue with camping is even if you are well off, and appear well off, you may be quickly categorized alongwith homeless or vagrants who may have problems. Being a camper, or a backpacking enthusiast, of course does not imply such a thing, and even the rich and famous enjoy being adventurers around the globe. We shop at expensive outfitting stores and overpay for gear, to discover, that we may be treated, not like anyone else, but as people who may seem more akin to criminals than tourists with money and prestige. Not wanting to be lumped even alongwith people who are unsightly, dirty, or unkempt, or the homeless with personal issues even if they have nothing to do with laws, I’ve taken efforts to ensure my appearance is not only one of a backpacker, but one who spends on luxury goods (which I do anyway). I am also taking efforts to ensure that the locations where I camp are

  1. Allowed according to applicable laws, wich are hard to discover sometimes, AND
  2. In areas unlikely to have passers who would see me.

The idea here is to then avoid hassle by being unseen, and by being within the to contol any situation that might emerge from being seen, by someone who might complain, investigate, or otherwise cause issue resulting in having to avoid any question about legality.

Another major objective I have is to have the most minimal possible plan regarding planning, so that as I travel around, I hardly have to think about whether there is any issue with my trip. This is an attempt to plan to not have to plan, or to plan to a minimal degree, mitigating all reasonable risks.

[More to come]