Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022, in Anchorage, Alaska



This category has become significantly less important in my life after a very long period of time trackign my progress as a vegan to a point where I really feel my nutrition is in a good position.

When I first became a vegetarian, I was overweight, and concerned about meeting my minimum nutrient requirements. I started being a Vegetarian just before Thanksgiving of 2000, and became a Vegan in 2001. Reading materials at that time included concerns about things like amino acids and getting the right combination of ingredients to get “complete proteins”. For a long time I recorded the individual items I ate during the day, and what information I could get about their nutrient information, from a website providing information from the USDA nutritional information database. This includes very full information about each particular ingredient and the composition of amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, and even ash material. It was very detailed, and also on a site called there were other summary pieces of information on nutrient density, and on the quality of protein on an index that compared proteins to whey (or something to that effect).

Later, as more information was produced on vegetarian lifestyle, and as more goods were sold that were already processed, it became evident that very little planning on cooking and eating is needed to ensure that one gets adequate nutrition. One simply has to have a somewhat diverse diet, and one will get the right amount of protein, and since foods are fortified anyways, as part of a general initiative for the entire population that is not comprised of only vegetarians, but everyone else too, one can expect to have the required vitamins too.

Feeling healthy and able to recuperate from vigorous exercise including bodybuilding and cardio, like marathon running, I became less concerned about tracking my nutrition out of any feelings about risk of being a vegetarian. Today, I eat more dairy again, and am wanting to go backwards to being more vegan again, because of risks I’ve known about concerning health of blood vessels given cholesterol and saturated fats. In other words, I’m more worried about eating non-vegan than eating vegan, and am wanting to go back somewhat unreflectively. It is simply a healthy and viable lifestyle that doesn’t need much effort or planning.

It took considerable focus and discipline to gather data and information and record a journal of my intake for the last 20 years. Already by the time I stopped filling my personal form I felt as thought it was unnecessary to think too much aout my nutrition. I was already well trained. Now, however, being better at controling what meals I eat during the day, my weight also is not an issue and I’ve finally attained a consistency and stability I’ve been working towards. Since around 2010 I’ve had about the same bodyweight.

This category is still of importance to me, and I will record here key factors that I think will help others in their attention regarding their self improvement on nutrition and health. This will be made up mostly of my developments that were achieved earlier than recent developments however. For me I will periodically attend to nutrition but will mostly divert my focus to other categories higher up in the list, like art and music, and cycles and shifts (my life calendar). Also, I am wanting to improve my fitness although already I’m pretty fit, so I’ve included that higher in my list so I remain in control of my stress and so I can experience some muscular development.

More soon!