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Sunday, July 16th, 2023, at 3:25 PM Flagstaff, Arizona Time



Author: MATTANAW I., The Honorable Dr.9 Mattanaw, Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh, Retired

Interdisciplinarian with Immeasurable Intelligence. Lifetime Member of the High Intelligence Community.6

Former Chief Architect, Adobe Systems

Current President/Advisor, Social Architects and Economists International.



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This is a beginning draft copy of my living will in progress, which will eventually be a very comprehensive document with my various wishes related to circumstances in which I may become incapacitated, deathly ill, or dead. The objective is to provide others an understanding of my last wishes and my preferences for when I’m unable to decide or act on my own behalf. There will also be definitions which will clarify when it is I believe I would be unable to decide for myself, since I would not want to rely on the views of others, who may have poor intentions, for deciding when I’m incapacitated. That may include folks who may desire to make me incapacitated (people who wish to harm or murder), which may not be an uncommon wish by folks who are intensely envious or jealous about highly gifted individuals. I will explain here what to do if it is suspected that I’ve become incapacitated, and that may include actions to take concerning people who may have been harmful in my environment.

I hope this living will provides some guidance to others who may be thinking of creating living wills of their own. Initially this cannot be more than a document including my wishes as part of my Book and Journal, and living autobiography, and that is because I am inexperienced and new to this area of law. The writen wishes here that I’ve created on my own will eventually be formalized as I attain expertise in this subject, and perhaps after getting some consulting time with an attorney specialized wills. I anticipate this will provide readers my pathway from simply writing my wishes down, which must be the first step before handing over wishes to an attorney, if it isn’t only verbally shared with an attorney, all of the way through to the final legal document, which could provide something to emulate. Such an emulation would allow people to have wills of their own perhaps without the need to consult with an attorney.

This document is one that I will carry along with me. I will provide a way for those to become aware of the document, and find the document, on tags that I will wear. These would not be too dissimilar, perhaps, to “dog tags”, placed on soldiers and, well, dogs. The tag will provide the instructions which are to be followed initially if there is a problem, and they will direct folks from my body to this document, which provides the details they need to execute my wishes.

Living Will