Cleanliness, Health and Hygeine

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022, at 11:20 AM Alaska Time



For this section, what I will say for present is that cleanliness and hygeine seem to be very significantly connected with health and preventative care. If one can remain clean, and keep good hygeine, in a ritualistic way connected with that hygeine that would be created by fitness experts, dental hygeinists and dentists, doctors and nurses, and like a chef, one would expect and anticipate having better health overall.

One has a clean appearance, has a clean mouth, clean clothes, relationships that notice the cleanliness, and a level of fitness that makes one appear even cleaner although that is not directly related, one is immediately considered to have a higher quality life.

I have paid special attention to this over the years particularly as it relates to discipline of personal ritual behaviors, which can be habituated and trained until one has little thought about what it takes to be clean, and free from risk of certain illnesses. One can take dental hygeine quite a lot further than simply brushing teeth, to the extent that one’s mouth and teeth are unlikely to deteriorate with age, and to ensure that appearance remains optimal. The same level of attention applied to fitness, and nutrition, also creates better health.

Much more needs to be said about his, but for the moment, I would want to convey: dirtiness and disheveled appearance is very likely to relate to diminished health and well-being. It is possible that a person in unkempt clothing, with a dirty mouth can be healthy and live fine. But they would not be living optimally in a way that is consistent with smart moral training.

“My refrigerator is dirty and I don’t wash dishes, and I don’t eat vegetarian at all, and I’m not meticulous about my oral hygeine…” is not really consistent with the objectives of living a really moral life, especially is one is a caregiver and thinks they can influence others posivitively while doing poorly in various easy and basic areas of discipline.

After achieving a much easier position in life for myself, I can admit to myself that I have experimented in caring less about my personal hygeine and the cleanliness of certain surroundings. And recently I have noticed, that I do greatly prefer living clean in a hotel. As I write this I am realizing that I too really could benefit from increased attention to this life-category which has lower priority now that I’m older and have already had a long relationship, and really have fewer needs. Of course, death approaches as well, and that is a kind of complete lack of hygeine if one considers it from this perspective. Nevertheless, I will utilize this section personally again, and will improve my overall cleanliness. Outwardly, however, I am probably still quite cleaner than most and probably others would not detect the decreased hygeine that I am more aware of.

[Written in 14 minutes without editing or spell check]

Stress Management

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022, at 1:19 AM Alaska Time

A recent development regarding health, because of my age and experiences with some harassment in and around Anchorage, and many acts of tresspass and litigation related to the trespass, I have an increased concern with stress management.

The last time I recall having any real need for managing stress related to an uncontrollable environment was in my early twenties, working for my family business, and dealing with some unresolved relationship concerns. The family business was toxic and there were relationship concerns that I could not really fix.

At that time I focued on self-hypnosis, mediatation, and autosuggestion. This is a psychologist’s modification on meditative practices one might find within religions like Buddhism. It was extremely effective, and I inted to return to using that practice today. A result at the time was that I could quickly, without even meditating, return to the mental state and feeling that was the culmination of mediation without doing any work. I was much more comfortable. Now I am unable to do that and would have to consistently practice meditation again with much effort to arrive at that again, but I do want to have that same achievement once more.

Instead, for now, I’ve created a stress management checklist. This stress management checklist relates to a recent interesting development, on something I did not notice all my adult years: That managing the depth of my voice to a lower voice helps remove lung mucus, and helps create a feeling of calm. I never really changed my voice to a much deeper voice during adolescence. Of course my voice really is deeper than the voice I had as a child, but I never reallly utilized my singing voice, and the comfortable lower ranges, which when used, feel more natural and calming, as compared with my voice that I keep returning to when I’m not paying attention. For a while during my travels through the United States and Canada I was practicing this lower voice with good results. However, when in a social setting, or when not practicing, I revert back. It’s my intention to not revert back any longer, but it will certainly require prolonged practice.

While learning about this I began experimenting with other techniques to alleviate stress with very good success. My Stress Checklist page will be updated with progress, and will be utilized as part of the process of the Personal Form, as part of the Life Category of Health.

[Written in 9 minutes without edits or spell check, for a research purpose to be disclosed and shared later]