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Environment was also something of special interest to me in my twenties as I was originally working on the life-categories and Personal Form. Perhaps more than the other categories, this is of immediate use to others, and can improve lives with the least amount of effort.

Consider this in conjunction with the technique of visualization of environments, an our courses through space in our daily lives. Where we want to go, where we do go, how we move on a path from one place to the next, and where we would like to be, &c…

If we take any particular person, and substitute how they spend their time, and where they spend their time, with the following, we can anticipate they will definitely have a good quality of life. Suppose it was like this:

From this it should be clear that environment as a category includes your entire life. Living in a nice environment does not require a very high income if well planned. However, it does require some discipline regarding livelihood.

By simply focusing on environment, anyone can improve their life. Some, unfortunately, use other priorities which steer them into places that create bigger risks, and overall less livelihood. People from other nations might be especially aware that they would prefer other locations, like living in better countries or cities where there is more opportunity and people of a higher level of development. Better culture, better surroundings, safer spaces, etc…

I have been very successful in my life in part because of my change of environment, away from my family which seemed to have a great environment, but didn’t. They created a good environment for early childhood, but did not create a good environment for cultural growth and livelihood for later life. When I was in my twenties I desired to relocate to a better more urban environment, in a wealthier neighborhood even if I did not have the resources to live in a large and expensive home. In order to achieve that, I chose studio apartments in the best locations, with the result that I lived inexpensively but in precisely the same locations, with the same views, and the same people, as the people who lived there did. You really can relocate to a location where you would sit in the same place as those who are already of high income, without having a very high income yourself.

From this comes the many benefits of the list shared above. Better jobs, better people to talk to, better friends, safer places, and so on and so forth.

Current Attention

I’ve definitely achieved on this front and currently live distributed across the country in more than one environment. However, I did purchase a large tract of land in what seems like an upscale portion of Alaska, on the South Side of Anchorage, where some influential and notable Alaskans live. However, these people turned out to be of very poor and low quality. Just because a neighborhood or location seems nice, does not mean that regionally they are comparable. Living in a luxurious location in Anchorage is not at all like living in a luxurious location in or near Seattle.

As I write this, I know I’m in an amazing position having worked and resided in a large number of locations, and better still than residing in one location with good quality, is living in many locations of good quality. But, I did choose a location that is not a desirable space because of the people and because the area is not as safe. Policing is not as good quality, and people seem to be mostly disreputable and have a strong willingness to be dishonest and vindictive. For that reason and others I need, again, to be thinking about what space is really worth being in, and probably I will have to give up on some goals which included living on a luxurious property in Anchorage.

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