Writing Shares, Recording of Recordings.

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The entire Book and Journal of Mattanaw includes his writing shares, which constitute the written record of his living autobiography. As the site grows, his living autobiography grows. This page in particular, includes the text archive of prior versions of the book and journal. The current site itself is the newest edition, while prior versions can be found here. This will indicate the growth and development or life of the autobiography itself, and the book itself, alongside the life of the author, who is making contributions proximally as he thinks of them. In the future it may be possible to include writing as he thinks, but currently he has to write what he has thought recently or write as he thinks and creates.

Additional writings can be found using the main site contents, or on the page Inky Fibers, which includes his earlier handwritten works, written in print and longhand, using ballpoint and fountain pens, and pencil. The author has planned in the future to do more of his writing which may be found on this page using other media and inks, and non-fiber materials, using tools like sticks and any other pointy devices, in sand, dirt, clay and other media. Anything that can be written on and with which can convey that is available and ready at hand to the author, will be tried, if there is sufficient motivation. “InkyFibers” is intended to show that much of human recording has been using wet coloredliquids, and fibers from plants, on papyri and papers, but those are not the only methods.

Below are the other oft-updated sections of the living autobiography.

Book and Journal History, Site History

Links below are to prior versions of the text portions of the website. This can be used to determine what site changes have been made between dates of the archives. This is equivalent to the edits that have ocurred between archivals. It would be possible, using the archives below, to see what has changed since the very first archive was created. Before that, it would be required to see the site on archive.org. It appears that the author is the only person to have ever owned and published to the domain mattanaw.com, although archive.org does not show records before 1999. The earliest publication was in 2010, but only to test and use the domain. The site as it exists today did not exist until late 2016. The content in the site, however, exists from the 1990s and will include some content from the 1980s. The author was born December 18th, 1980, and his birth certificate can be seen on his Open Health and Identity, Bodily Recordings page.

As was indicated above, the purpose of this page is to preserve writings of the author, including those edits that have happened. The entire website is the comprehensive and soon totally complete digital share of mattanaw in all ways he shares, except in interpersonal communication in real life in the world, in person, or via phone call, or other unrecorded method between people, although some of that has been included also.