Stuck Between a Moose and a Winterbear

A precarious situation attempting to access my property in Anchorage, AK

Author: Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

Published: February 7th 2019

Edited: Original Edition

An example winter photo from 2017, taken from one of my trail cameras. Miscellaneous photos of bears from the same camera are shown below.

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Last night on my property, my driveway was blocked by a large Moose and its calf, and I couldn’t push them off the road with my truck due to undrivable snow depths and icy conditions. The moose do not like to exit the driveway, even with a truck driving behind them. On foot they are even more difficult. There was no way I could scare them off the road.

So walking, in pitch black conditions, with some reflection from the snow, and flashlight in hand, I navigated down a steep hill to bypass the moose. When I came back up the hill to the road, after much hiking, I found I was only about 30 feet ahead of that same large moose. But I was happy because at least I could get back to my RV, or so I thought.

Then, as I walked down the road, I spotted another animal. A large black bear. In winter. For some reason it emerged from hibernation. So I was stuck between a large black bear and a large moose with no way to get back to my truck but to scurry down a steep slope of ice and snow and back up to the road. I didn’t go as far down the hill because I was worried about the bear, so I was dangerously close to the moose. I was more scared of the bear than the moose, but the moose loomed large, and appeared to be as dangerous as the bear.

I made it back to the truck, and to a hotel to stay for the night, but that was a pretty sketchy situation to be in.

Source: One of Mattanaw’s trail cameras.

Terms and Conditions

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