Privacy Policy


Created: 2016.
Updated: June 30th, 2022. 

Privacy is very important to the author/webmaster. This site was created with a concern for your right to privacy.

Some details:
-There is no requirement for registration or creation of a user account. Your visit is anonymous and disclosure of PII information is not expected or desired.
-This site, (apart from YouTube, perhaps see below) does not store cookies on your machine, not even for the purpose of enhancing user experience.
-For your reading pleasure you are not bothered with distracting advertisements. Your limited attention is respected. The reader is asked to consider what this means. No revenue is generated by the visit.
-YouTube videos are also used on this site, and YouTube may collection additional information. This is not controlled by the author/webmaster. Please see YouTube's current privacy policy for more information. This is between you and YouTube and any accounts or agreements you may have with YouTube. I place videos for viewing only.
-Likewise, this site is not responsible for data collected in the course of normal navigation, search engine usage, or ISP information collection, or non-anonymous data aggregated from of your usage of other sites and networks. 
-Given the contents of the site, there is no reason to worry that this visit will have a negative impact of any kind. Except maybe to your fragile little ego and mind!
-The server has access logs for materials that includes IP address, but does not identify the user. It may be possible to identify a user with an IP. However, the author/webmaster does not do that. It is interesting to note that most or all standard webservers can log and all servers can capture IP addresses of users making requests.
- Before the author/webmaster used Google Analytics to know user statistics, but decided to remove this since not particularly useful any longer, but also in part because the author/webmaster did not want another site collecting user information.
- Few websites would be as basic as this one in relation to user information collection. This website does not do anything to collect any information from any user apart from what a typical webserver might do on its own. If this informaiton worries you in any way, I assure you, as a former software architect that all or most websites, particularly websites of busiesses and large enterprises, collect more information, and given this site has no web form, and no registration, or no method of collection other than access logs, less is possible to receive than with most other sites.

Thanks for visiting and please enjoy!