Mind and Mental Development

Created Friday, June 24th, 2022, at 11:38 AM Alaska Time



The purpose of this category is to enusre mental progress over the lifespan. Again, it is a category touching on all of the other categories, in that, mental developments would be expected to positively impact life in each of the other areas.

This was a category that got more attention than the rest, maybe not so much in what was recorded into my personal tracking form, but in my actual behavior. I was reading books very consistently and attending school courses, and otherwise working on my project in moral philosophy. I would read at the gym, and my leisure time often included reading and writing. The writing is plainly evident from my many thousands of pages of materials created and accumulated, and published here.

Recently I did make a transition in that I wanted to read less and do other activities more. As I reflect on it now it seems as though that may have been a movement in the other direction. However, I think that would be incorrect, although today, transitioning back to do more reading again, seems like it would be beneficial. There is a risk in reading. That one would become too introverted, too isolated, and too into avoiding activities. I don’t think others refrain from reading with this objective in mind however, but would use this to rationalize their behavior which excludes reading and to a large extent plans about mental development. But if you really did or do read quite a lot, over many years or decades, you can come to a point where you realize that the time spent really is time that can be allocated in other beneficial ways.

Today I’m interested in learning to weld, work on electrical equipment, or involve myself in hands-on projects which require much less reading and much more doing with my hands. I’ve been very good working with my hands, but can attest to the effects of long being away from this type of work too, in that I had/have many motivational obstacles to initiate these types of activities. Someone who is really into working with hands might very quickly jump on a task, whereas, while I’m capable of doing the task easily, I’m more avoidant now.

My current interest in my mental development relates to projects that I want to work on that would have the effect of improving my mind. I’m also at an age where decline is something to avoid, and so I have to balance my interests over a range of behaviors that ensure that I can still function in certain ways, and that I don’t become too stuck in ruts of other practiced types of work. Again, this is partly the purpose of the life categories and the personal form, and a good cause for its utilization. By using this set of categories, my newer development on the earlier Personal Form, I can make sure my life has balance and that I continue to have good global functioning over my lifespan. At least to an extent that appears to be controllable. Without such a form or list, or activities that span each area of interest, routinely performed, one might lose functioning and experience unnecessary loss, and decreased well being.

I’m 41 years old but can imagine that this would be something of use to someone elderly, approaching elderly age, or someone who has a health problem that could lead to deterioration in other areas of life if there isn’t additional impetus at doing more rather than less.


Monday, September 12th, 2022, at 4:40 PM Summerlin, LV, Nevada Time

Thinking and conversing more often long sentences, even on first meeting, or in obtaining services.

I’ve written elsewhere that a defect of minds is their being constrained to very short statements and sentences. It is not clear if this issue relates to our being frequently in brief introductory conversation with others or if it is because average and below average intelligence permits only an understanding of brief statements. It is likely a combination of the two which makes everyone else more capable think often in shorter sentences which are of much lower value and in forms that are repeated and recollected, as formal sentences veryone recognizes, and not creative or really descriptive sentences. I’ve told people that I think in paragraphs, which his somewhat the case. A more clear way of saying the more accurate truth is that my thoughts I want to convey, which are not yet verbal, require paragraphs to express, and not sentences. There needs to be time to combine sentences to complet the thought, as some say. I have noticed that my need for more sentences and longer sentences is typicaly greater than it exists in others, who seem more satisfied with their shorter statements.

Whole truths, complete truths, and true language about the world, requires longer sentences than what we typically use. When I’m in my own writing, or in contemplative modes, I can think and compose statemnts closer to what I’d commit to, regarding approximation of truth. Knowing logic, and the requirements of making true statements, I’m aware that writing or saying true things is very hard. Part of the reason it is hard is because our sentences are too short. We think these short sentences.

The goal here is to think more often if not on most occasions at a truth quality and meaning density closer to my more contemplative modes, without a regard for others who might require a reduction in sentence difficulty or complexity. If there is a need on a conversational level to reduce complexity and difficulty to accomplish goals, and enable understanding, I will do so. However, what I would like to happen is have the listener recognize that the difficulty was reduced for that purpose, and not be confused that the conversation is with a mind that is not as developed as mine.