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Christopher Matthew Cavanaugh

November 22nd, 2019

Original Edition

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The purpose of this page is to share my medical records, along with commentary, to provide some useful thoughts on how to improve health.

Like everyone else, I'm on my own journey to understand and improve my own health, and I cannot pretend to be knowledgeable enough to understand every detail of my medical records as presented here.

Nevertheless, I think it is helpful to include reasons why my results are the way they are, how I could do better, and also to include lessons learned as I gain new information.

This page will be updated periodically as I receive new results, and when I am able to upload information from my complete medical records.

The goal is to be open and transparent, as far as that is possible. Things I don't think would be valuable or reasonable to include may be omitted, although it is my desire to include everything I can.

Something that is omitted now, might be revealed later. By later, I don't mean posthumously either! Although, of course, I don't know when death might happen, so I might not be able to include everything.

Please enjoy, and feel free to reach out to me with questions by email at

Strong Interest Inventory Results, from February 25th, 2006.

Not only will I be posting results for physiological examinations, I will be posting psychological tests as well, like this copy of the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Myers Briggs, and others I might take in the nearish future.

I think that the Strong Interest Inventory has something to it. I ended up becoming a consultant; a technologist. However, I'm a natural attorney as well. And this very early strong interest inventory suggests that I had quite a lot in common with lawyers. I think I would score differently today. However, I'm in a lawsuit, and I can tell from my experience that I would really like being a lawyer, even today, after I've changed so much.

Mattanaw's Strong Interest Inventory. 14 Pages. PDF

Recent blood test results, from August 8th, 2019.

This document has three pages, and scans are shown below. PDF

Areas I'm most interested in, are

Blood test results, from January 2nd, 2018.

This document has two pages, and scans are shown below. PDF

Notice that the results of this test are roughly consistent with the previous test, except with a slightly higher white blood cell count. At this time I was consuming cheese for a period of time, so this could be the reason why it is slightly higher than the most recent blood test.

My ketone level was high as well, and this is consistent with a previous blood test I took around 2009, when I cycled to my doctor visit. It appears the cause of this is dehydration at the time of the test. I will attempt to confirm this by being dehydrated during my next visit.

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