My Profile Scrapbook

My profile images over time. An autobio of sorts in the making.


October 1st 2019

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February 2020 in Meadow Lakes, Alaska.

February 2020 in Palmer, Alaska.

September 2019 in Anchorage, Alaska.

September 2019 in Anchorage, at my RV.

Spring 2019, after a hike to a peak near my home in Anchorage.

Early 2018, during a trip to Kauai Hawaii.

2018 in Auckland, New Zealand.

2017 at my RV in Anchorage, Alaska.

~2017 at my office in Anchorage, Alaska.

~2017 on my land in Anchorage.

2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was attending an business conference and did not feel the need to dress according to conventions!

I haven't looked back since really. Although I can dress appropriately, if totally necessary, I promise.

Late 2017 in Anchorage.

Not long after getting divorced. Sternly working in order to think about anything but relationships.

2016, Anchorage, after first returning to live in Alaska again.

Jasper, Canada.

If I grow hair this is how I look.

Miami Beach, Florida.

Just outside my old apartment, the Flamingo, South Beach, on the bay side.

Partially suited up for my more business-centric profile pic, from when I was working as a software architect.

Miami Beach, Florida.

Another profile pic intended to be used for work purposes, and also for inclusion on the Intertel website.